Ugly Sensation/Strange Days

​             Ugly Sensation

Well, these high end snags. Are binding drags. Want to wear glass slippers. They’ll tell you it’s rude to keep your shoes on. Spitting common sense math. They bemoan it’s not calculus. Gotta hoist sand castles. With clay based moats. Love to see…..tragedy, stuck on snares, point fingers. So you gotta lie and say you don’t care. Boiled in rage, the wounds deepen. Even the sunshine and moonlight aid in the chards of poison glass, sullenness deepens, feeling kinda ripe. Blinding to wave of cars and kittens aching just like you…..but so far away, can’t interpret their groove.
This need for instantaneous comfort is hotter than pus bloated under the skin. More and more and even as you’re getting hit up you still never win. So hop scotch, trop top work the way and massage and let this gauntlet of emotes take a walk and the voices from the hallows follow, to the end …hopefully off the plank.
Nothing nastier, than living thangs……..that bring itches and stitches, and a pageantry of pain. Wanna strut your stuff. Saying you lack more than just the touch. So back to back, side to side. Torched by sin, the id,  you want to die! Nothing but critics and drama queens and painful singes. Damn it. Self pity seems the way….man now I just feel even…more…. Irritated. Like an infestation morphing into a whacked out hater nation. I just want to be a sensation, an all time great. I know you can understand thus frustration. Ugly sensations. I don’t want to be that man. Who destroys beliefs…..the shame of being a possible abomination. Truly or opinion. Wish we didn’t have to know.
        Strange Days

I got to be the 9th quadrillionth to shift this direction but just feeling it. Laying away or playing with haste. The craziest things will compose a chase. Hedonistic challengers, it’s best to be chaste. Imagine being one with the earth, one with the sky, nature. Think of what gas made you proud and where things are great. Just as you may crave pancakes with peanut butter, or toast with marmalade. A strange drink just because of a memory. A silly TV show, a childhood great, whichever way needed to meet. These strangest and most beautiful of days, to pull you away from the despairs of our dark selves and toxic people. Stinks horribly like you wouldn’t believe, but sometimes the toxicity inside you lies, gotta detox, endure the pain and fly through the bowels of shame. To be reborn, adorn, suffer no more. Surprises from a friend, or the embrace from a fam. Find Out You may be rescued on the strangest of days…..or rescue yourself and feel elated knowing the trueness of your strength. Love doesn’t bully or need a saturation of adulation….love is embrace and always chaste…..openness and freedom…. Be reborn, let it all come in place…… The greatest freedom and 

Highest place may be going through the strangest days…..sing in the rain…..heal in snow. Quirky jokes, reading… Relieving…..God bless…. And you don’t always have to know

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So So Gone

​Thinking that I’ve been hella slick. This dry spell has made me hella slick. Same shizz on the way in, trynna get out, destroy the doubts. 
Even in a crowd I feel the blues. Can’t seem to help turning into Stanley Kowalski. Embarrassed I can’t believe I don’t even measure up to  streetcar. I know, kind of a base desire. Tired as hell but wired. Preach to me about the virtues of Donald Drumpf or the politics of whatever, you’re fired.  
The internet is modern day crack cocaine.  A dangerous buffet where you can all day play. And speak out. Be racist, be ungracious. Everybody’s loquacious. Those fifteen extend into infinity and it’s handed out like prescriptions from pharma docs and reputations are subscriptions to issues. Love that I can hit like and share on the Young and the restless. While retweet and  subtweet and in 140 or less spit succinct while battlin’ it out on  The Situation room. I swear with Trump, a Russian thug, a bunch of bums and Hillary. Obama must admire Kevin Spacey because that’s all a house of cards while the rest of us feel like potential candidates for Orange is the new black. Wanna find my niche, but the more I keep on I realize I barely know shit. I wish I had a cool twist, but trapped, zapped and stuffed like the Niners on the 1 yard line. No damn inspiration. Watching self made chefs. Genius entrepreneurs, artists, buyers, sellers, musicians, emcees all fighting for the dream which ain’t American. It’s universal, a human quest to feel fulfilled and live to thrive, and spread their colors to keep it all alive enough false steps. Everyone knows when you’re faking. More to life than baking. Clear eyed and so fly…I guess it will all reveal in time. 
Black woman, Nubian queen. White woman, vanilla dream. Asian persuasion. Latina hot fire sensation. Indians so earthy, can’t you see, only stupidity comes in notions preconceived. Before anyone even tries. Statement til I die. Yeah it’s like a front…I’m dating whoever I want. Am I special? Nah I’m pretty sure most men feel the same way. One day we’ll be done with race and embrace our beauty. Our cultures are too cool, histories are too storied. Our creator is too kind. And too the critics and pot stirrers and base Cravers I’m so gone….peace!

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Flo Side pt. II

​Well might as well kick back…a pop a story. My mind is a wire alive. As in a couple of monsters too hype. My own sloppiness, so sick of it. Expressions in life, one way to ease it. Bored, energy to burn, and loaded with ideas, but execution is haywire. Choices are fueled by fevered dreams and lofty ideas. Some are medicine for the soul, others are garbage by nature. Why entertain them both? Factually it’s a complicated motive, and the catharsis of letting go packages as aging and sullen depths of despair. Almost nothing is fair 100% of the time. This sitch. Feels good In a cinch. Crawls up to bite in a deep, tangy twist.  All these pinpoints, pieces on the board. The colors run deep and each, are so unique. The next move to make cannot hesitate. To many hearts can broken, or bodacious breakthroughs. Cognizance  that one of those hearts may be your own. There isn’t a person alive that doesn’t think I’m crazy. Too many days also just feel mondo lazy. Schizo energy, insane to take. Looking for the right balance to create my ambiance to rock these nights. To go into sheer delight. To avoid the most brutal fights. To give that kiss goodnight and still see morning. 
Used To daydream about quantum physics. Create cell catching bags to catch HIV virus floaters. Astronaut up in space, exploring above and beyond the world. Flying through Earth as a pilot, munching on fancy meals, hot air balloon travels as the sun shines sweetly. As you may have guessed the ideas of  child are often brazen but lack the depth of the whole story. But damn I kiss the creative travels. And mindset so innocuous. Maybe because I’m screwed up now. Always a little sleazy, always needy. Sometimes it feels like it’s all gonna blow…need, crave someone to speak to, for many hours, to load with power. Lathered with shame, as I’m forced to admit, life with Aspergers and mediocre at best social stylings often leave me naked…..what do we talk about. Scared to lose out so time to revert to habits, quirks and talents…sometimes they are funny, sometimes the move proves to be fatal. Try to keep it classy. Wish I was super unique. Enjoying the stars in the night sky truly is a treat. 
America the beautiful, but I can’t fight fate. No nation should rule over another. Flags are dividing lines, too much time. A young man or lady shouldn’t have to feel shady, just because their completion, matches, tollhouse morsels. In all truth we’re a rainbow in this joint, our heritage, experience, personalities, all on point. Gifts that should be impossible to resist. Rides to hitch. Barriers get knocked, an ’89 flashback…isn’t that rich? Fear often calls my name, for reasons that scatter all over leaving on a silver platter. Maybe lacking, creatively. But gonna push forward, get the groove back, comeback emphatically. 

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So Gone Menagerie

​First things first, don’t ask me to videotape myself on the mic. Caught sounding like a douced up dork, and going viral for being an idiot, inarticulate farce. And the chards and barbs would most definitely not be sparse. But enough self deprecation, more of the fly fish that hopefully spreads through the nation.
Ain’t it funny? How easy it is to be inspired, wired, awaken and emboldened by a sweet classic beat. So much they made it a challenge. Everywhere, people without a care attempt to tear…into the microphone, even though it’s obvious, many need a chaperone. At least they had the zest to try. It’s fun and games until some head case bemoans it’s pointless and artless. What about the fight for justice? Okay, maybe head case isn’t the proper word. Point well taken, reminds me again of my bucket list and I can’t resist so here we go. Late night marathon parties have always tickled my fancy. But not this time, gonna add some freshness on this rhyme. Hosting a block party, all ages and persuasions. A groovalicious summer day extravaganza. Catered food and drinks, DJ spinning, open mic challenges. Kinda cool to raise the var and some  cash or. Maybe some clothing, too many cities and it’s a pity, need our help. BTW, an open discussion, what makes us tic, our differences, experiences, similarities, and let’s listen, we can call each other out all day long, the finger pointing, anger, and soapboxes. Now we’re running from becoming carcasses from the players, string slayers think they’re slick. Kick back, feel your own style, you’re all legit, and we’re sick of the world and it’s ish… gone

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Flow Side

​I guess It’s cool how things for a moment. Are all mellow yellow. Back the normal dusty routines while turmoil gets concocted behind the scenes. Dynasties built? Almost don’t want to believe it.  Reporters, anchors, experts, even random cats. Sounds like a script on a miracle whip tip. What’s the purpose? It serves us? Yes, like Serena going all out. These bars may not win Grammys but they’re therapy as I can relate and dictate from here, to LA, Houston, then Miami. A candidate is going to save us. Straight up, my fanny. Men vs men it’s been still we’re repeating the same lame ish. Some people don’t care, others too much they dare. Blood and bluntness won’t be anything but a bad kiss goodnight. So much fright. Got so much fight. But I rather fly on a different plane not damned like Pan Am. Not deflated or eviscerated….I guess it would be cool, to all be United. 
Often I fantasize about what it would’ve been like way back live in ’85. As someone other than a snot nosed, drool based newbie on the block. Nothing but love for babies, but to relate this series. The back end of the Purple Rain Tour had …to be on point. Freestyling, and dialing, Exposé’s heat sent you straight, to the point, of no return….but season’s change. Okay, St Elmo’s fire will still let you burn. Back roads and vintage stores. Bits and pieces, all before I ever had one bit if recees. Hands across, I guess from a perspective of a small child. Too.many roses in this garden that littered with thorns. What I miss and wish I had. What I’m glad to see now, bare with me people, at least from this point on…no chance of hearing about booty shorts and glamorous fast breaks. Honestly my mind feels like it’s been in the tank.
Too many lies, too many artifice highs. Slashed with swords and they wanna make you believe it’s business as usual. Yeah it’s all, all right. Just bust this hump 9-5, really 24/7. Lie to you about how all this work will make your life like heaven. Cheap, lazy hustles. Underhanded schemes. Man we’re all being fed rancid juice from the forces. The matrix’s truest, coldest founder. Its so easy, to fall in love. The part that’s the worst is that love is usually in the least healthy of forms. Comfort in mediocrity , and misery. A reason racism still persists….too easy to eat the lies of superiority, not exploring the complex palate that shapes all human beings. Too tired? Too achy? I’d rather find out. What happens when the best oath is followed all thru and thru. Every single day and time. Find ways to disrupt the rhyme. What your views are matter not as much as we all deserve better times.

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​A twist to taste, a touch of glitz. A chance to refresh. Today’s skies are glorious. Roses luxurious, water slides and bustling sounds to enhance the high life. Sunshine….. That vitamin D delicacy. The depths of despair vanish often as the golden rays come beaming down. The bowels of guilt can’t stop you. The harshness of the world is crumbled…innocently living this way. Sunshine….make it that way all the time. Alter consciously help create a dream where all is fine. Turn fantasy into  life.
Walking with loved ones, cheering g each other, letting those feeling fly. How’s that school lunch now? Organic loaded with nutrients. Happy, jazzy, absorbing the goodness straight from.their class. Teachers stay in the family. Keep em away from Trump or Hillary. The future is not in political ideology. Think for yourself and dare to dream, dare to share get nowhere with the motives of mercenaries. How you dress? What you want to express? As long as you’re not soulfully bereft. Love, love, love …..keep it in a. Lush, lavish state of mind. All times, cherries, strawberries, embrace each day so glad, be so rad. Sunshine…….expressions of this all the time… No crutches, no cringes. Own the world? No, eschew the world. Not needed, just leaves to be defeated….pride and prejudice please unseat it. Sparkle it through, sunshine and love through sky light.

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Opposing Edges

​Rocking with the moonlight. Intoxicated with dreams. Knowing I’m blessed, but losing what it means. Tired of cryin’. Laboring to make it, through the rain. Even if it’s as clear as crystals cleansed by the morning sun. The edges of grace or heartache.
Can’t stay drifting through the air. No matter how sweet it sounds. No consequence for such egregious immolating? That’s worse than naive. Channel through these dimensions and know where to be. Only one direction sets you free.
Yearning day and night. The complexity and moodiness inside. Wish it would subside. Whether it’s moments if laughter. Nostalgic trips, eating ice cream.. Blissing out scoping the stars. Or discussing number twos. Nurturing insights. Freshness of air and opening for delights. Don’t wanna degenerate, into this insular being. Slaves to instant satisfaction. Fleeting pleasures of the surface…oh no no.
Can’t stay drifting through the air. No matter how sweet it sounds. No consequence for such egregious immolating? That’s worse than naive. Channel through these dimensions and know where to be. Only one direction sets you free. Stepping outside this vast zone this city of Matrix…… Something better awaits, when it’s time to run from false wins.
Can’t stay drifting through the air. No matter how sweet it sounds. No consequence for such egregious immolating? That’s worse than naive. Channel through these dimensions and know where to be. Only one direction sets you free.  
Finding positive motives to thrive even in a dreamy state of mind. Not needing to ride the wind. Tired of dancing to drums with Jo love and no soul. Tired of being angry at the world, sullen, I don’t wanna feel rage. I don’t wanna feel wrath. I wanna feel free. Freedom in the best ways. Not just schluff it away and be completely singular sided….oh no no way….

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